Want to Blow Your Payday Loans? Then Invest in Chindōgu!

According to that popular encyclopedia of Netizens made by Netizens called the Wakopedia (er, sorry, that should be Wikipedia), chindōgu is the unique Japanese art of inventing “unuseless” things. You invent something that has the noblest of intentions to make life easier and you end up with a contraption that is a problem unto itself. There go your noble intentions on the list of the 101 Japanese unuseless inventions.

Still, chindōgu is a nice way to blow your payday loans away. At the very least, you can have a patent to your name, never mind if it is a portent of crazy wackiness that will land you on the pages of Wakopedia. At best, you have a page devoted to your invention, doubtful as it might be to humanity’s benefit.

Get Started

First, you have to be imaginative to think of out-of-the-box solutions for everyday problems. Think crazy, think sane, think idiotic, think genius. Better yet, think Japanese. Watching Tom Cruise in “The Last Samurai” should suffice. Or maybe your son’s anime will do.

Second, look around you and see how you can make people’s lives miserable. Oh, wait. Not miserable, livable. You would have to bear in mind that you want to help people with their common everyday problems, not aggravate their problems. Well at least, that is the general idea. Want an example? Do you wish to help career girls with their leather shoes during rainy weather? Invent a shoe umbrella that they can attach to the tips of their shoes, thereby protecting them from dirt, rain and mud.

Third, find a financier for your groundbreaking ideas. Well, not every venture capitalist will come knocking to your door but, hey! Payday loans can finance your inventions! You have to remember that payday loans can reach as much as $ 1,500 net. With that kind of money, you should be able to invent something that will give you a return on investment more than twice the payday loans. That is, if you play your cards right.

Get Inspired

If you are still a long way towards thinking Japanese chindōgu, you can always get inspiration from these original inventions, which are perfectly affordable even with $ 100 payday loans:

– A hard hat with a suction cup at the back – for those times when you really must sleep on the bus and you cannot afford to lean into your seatmate. Unfortunately, it does not prevent theft of your bag and it does not have tissue paper to wipe your drool. Well, read on.

– A toilet paper dispenser perched on top of your head – for those times when you have to wipe the drool off your mouth while sleeping on the bus. Also useful when you have hay fever, phlegm-inducing coughing attacks, make-out sessions (assuming your partner will love to make out with an alien) and diarrhea-on-the-go.

– A baby onesie mop – for those times when your floor is dirty but you don’t have the time to mop the floor. Might as well put the baby to the task, right? On the other hand, you could just attach a mop handle to the baby’s back to make the job faster.

You can employ anything and everything in your quest to be the next Thomas Alva Edison of inventors. Just put your mind to it and you will have a notable chindōgu to be proud of. After all, you did your fellowmen well with your invention!

And that, ladies and gentlemen of the unimaginative world, is the best way to blow your payday loans!