The History of Television Invention and the Inventors

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The invention of television doesn’t come from a single inventor. It was invented by a group of people who work hard to find out ways to transmit image via wireless. The invention of television started in year 1831 where Joseph Henry and Michael Faraday who discovered electromagnetism in the electronic field. Besides that, right after the successful invention of wireless telegraph by Marconi in 1897, people began to question is there any possibility to send over images and sounds wirelessly?
Special credit was given to George Carey for his idea of transmitting images with the use of multiple circuits. Soon after that, W. E. Sawyer came out with another idea to send images using a single wire by using high speed scanning and flashing method. In 1922, Edwin Belin who got the patent of sending images by wire and fiber optics came out with his invention by producing a mechanical device for a modernize type of television. It works by focusing all the light flashes towards an electronic mechanism. The electronic device consists of a selenium element to take all the focused lights to produce sound waves.
Now that we have known how the main idea of television was established, now let us look at how inventors further develop the idea into a better innovation. At this point of time, there was a debate on who was the inventor of modern television (TV). We have the first inventor, Zworykin. He was given the title father of modern TV. He invented an electronic device called image scanner which used a tube to scan electrons in 1923. The second inventor was Farnsworth who designed his own scanning tube to exhibit TV signal transmission to everyone. Due to his success, he was given a patent in 1930 while Zworykin was only able to get his patent in 1938 because initially his invention had faced some problems and not functioning.
The invention of television does not stop there. From mechanical television, inventors worked hard to find out ways to improve the technology from time to time. Until 1897, we had Karl Braun, a scientist with his new innovation called cathode ray tube (CRT). This technology was incorporated in the technology of television from mechanical to modern electronic TV. Then, from black and white images, again Zworykin came out with his proposal to have color television. His invention was recognized in 1925 with a patent.
These are the history of television innovation with all the inventors. Thanks to the invention that we are able to watch TV today easily.