Profitable Inventions Are Uncommon Because Of These Five Reasons

A lack of focus: You have to be aware of your surroundings in order to have successful inventions. Don’t focus completely on inventing, but when you go through the day you need to be able to notice when you see something that could possibly be a problem to solve with an invention. I carry around a journal where I can write down my thoughts. This journal also helps tangibly remind me to think about inventing, which is what a good inventor has to be able to do.

People need information: If you want to make money inventing, there is a lot of legal work involved in obtaining a patent. This scares a lot of people because they don’t know anything about patenting. Inventing is a lot less frightening if you are familiar with the process, and there are lots of books and websites that can help.

Fear of failure: The fear of failure impedes people from doing so many things they want to do. Inventing is the same. Many people are scared their invention won’t make it and they will be a failure. You can’t let this inhibit you. There is no such thing as a failure who keeps trying; you have to keep going even when it’s hard; don’t quit because you are scared you won’t be successful.

Criticism: People have a big problem with criticism, which comes into play when inventing. I guarantee someone will dislike your idea when you invent, and that stops a lot of people from inventing. Critics are able to convince many people that they are wrong, so people aren’t even willing to put their ideas to the test. A good inventor is able to take criticism and know when to use it or when to ignore it.

Lack of commitment: This is by far the biggest inhibitor for possible inventors. Honestly, this could lead to the rest of the things I have mentioned. You have to be fully submerged in what you are inventing. You have to have a vision that you are willing to do anything to accomplish. When you are busy, you have to make time; the easy way out is off limits. If you are completely committed, then the invention idea will come – anyone can do it.