Innovate Your Way to Success through Developing Basic People Skills

'Innovate' - Black Josh, Goshin, Chuckz, Dubbul-O, Sparkz... (Prod Kydro)

Featuring: Black Josh, Goshin, Chuckz, Dubbul-O, Sparkz, Frisko, Bill Sykes, Spider Jaroo & Cheech (Produced by Kydro)

Taken from ‘Kydroponics Vol.2’ – The second LP from Manchester based Producer ‘KYDRO’ and the debut release for the ‘Room2’ recording label featuring some of the cities most in demand lyricists – Sparkz, Dubbul-O, Ellis Meade, Frisko, Black Josh, T-Man, Bill Sykes, Mothership Connection, Chucklez and MORE!


Filmed By Lawrence Badger & Ellis Meade

Edited by Kydro

Special Thanks to Bloc2Bloc and Jam Box


Natural, instinctive behavior is not always appropriate in the workplace. Hence, it is important to make an effort to produce behavioral patterns that lead to productive and effective teamwork, which eventually leads to success.

Natural behavior is based on subjective responses that can often lead not only to negative feelings such as insecurity but also to mistaken perceptions concerning the intentions of other people.

Consequently, behavioral skills that are more constructive include a proven facility to communicate positively and confidently with colleagues at all levels; the swift and generous recognition of the achievements of others; the ability to learn mistakes and failures; and a general approach that is based on collaboration with fellow workers rather than competition.

Behaving Naturally

People at work have the natural tendency to adopt instinctive modes of behavior that are self-protective rather than open and collaborative. This explains why emotion is a strong force in the workplace and why management often reacts fiercely to criticism and usually seeks to control rather than take risks.

People also tend to leap to conclusions and fragment into small, often warring, groups. Companies exhibiting ìnaturalî behavior like this are highly political and emphasize status and hierarchy. They are less pleasant to work for and generally at odds with the needs of people and the market place.

In turn, people who belong to this kind of organization will most likely fail and will have a hard time achieving success.

Hence, in order to succeed in life, it is extremely important to find ways how to generate creative schemes and techniques that would drive you to success.

You have to encompass certain appropriate behavior in order to innovatively change the course of your life and lead everything to success.

What people do not realize yet is that through innovation one can develop, generate commercialism, and select ideas that are appropriate to success.

Moreover, the management of most organizations often seclude themselves in the process of innovation. They believe that they are already exempted in generating new ideas, nurturing oneís skills, and developing basic people skills. What they do not know is that the most important thing for an organization to succeed is for the management to deviate from tending to their own needs and, instead, try to influence behavior rather than to change personalities.

Since most experts contend that innovation is crucial to oneís success, then, it would be better to have those who are in authority to start the process and direct the positive results to develop the other peopleís skills that are necessary to cultivate innovation throughout the society.

Factors that Trigger Innovation to Success

There had been numerous articles that were written to derive positive results on people in order to generate success. However, what they fail to incorporate in their ideas is that fact that there are some factors that needs to be considered before one can truly innovate his or her way to success. Hereís a list of the factors that needs to be considered, especially for people who are in position to influence others to be successful.

1. Inquisitiveness

Success is better administered by those with varied curiosity and an inquisitive character. Hence, for an organization to succeed, it is equally important for the managers, in order to influence others, to know the innovative means in order to achieve success.

It is better to establish facts using a pragmatic approach rather than reacting emotionally when information is received.

2. Individual insight on the process of improvement

Success is often influenced by each personís individual insight to development and advancement. If a person, who governs a certain group, believes that it is better to take risk in an entrepreneurial fashion rather than avoiding risks through fear and insecurity is an ultimate way to success.

3. Constant discovery and nurturing of knowledge is important

Learning should never stop. It should be a continuous process that entails progressive development of oneís skills and ability.

4. Openness

It is better to practice totally open communication rather than spreading gossip throughout the organization.

5. Learn from mistakes

By learning from mistakes, people are able to move forward and generate means needed in advancements. It is better to know where you have failed before rather than dwell on past successes.

Indeed, it is important to incorporate these ideas in order to achieve success on its finest condition. Innovation is not only for technological advancements. It is an important factor that is needed in order to be successful in the industry.