How Rapid Prototyping Keeps the Wolf from the Inventor’s Door

When somebody’s bright idea gets to the stage of being made, it usually goes through stages of design and then a prototype is made to ensure that all elements work as they are supposed to. Years ago, this is where failure often cropped up because of the extended time between design and manufacture. However, these days rapid prototyping means that the time is far less and this leads to fewer costs and less delay in getting to the real production stage.

Technology has been the main instigator with many ways and means to make the design process quicker and more accurate. Often, design flaws can be more easily seen at the design stage and they can then be fixed before any costs of production need to be considered. Not only does this save time, it also saves on the cost of manufacturing a faulty product and then having to go back to the drawing board – or computer, in this case.

So anyone with brilliant ideas but not much money has a good chance of becoming an inventor – and getting paid for it – without spending half their life in poverty or taking out a second mortgage on their home to fund the manufacture of their brainchild. The downside is that impulsive people may invent things that have no real use or a variation on a product that is really good as it is, thus flooding the market with too much product.

The ease of 3d cad or computer assisted drawing means that the inventor can see at a glance whether or not their design is going to work the way they thought it would. Even if they cannot do the drawing themselves, they can get others who specialise in such things to do it for them and the job is done quickly. It is far quicker than it used to be without the aid of a computer.

In fact, 3d scanning can be used for many things from repairing design faults in a model that has already been made and found faulty for some reason to recreating in digital format anything that exists in real life so that it can be recorded and archived and more. It makes everything so much easier and faster – and more accurate – that we wonder how we got on before it was invented.

So no matter what you want to do, you are sure to find some form of new technology is there to make it easier and quicker.