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12 Mistakes I Made My First Year as an Entrepreneur

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Today I want to talk to you about the dumbest mistakes I made my first year as an entrepreneur.
As I was making a list of all of the dumb mistakes I made, I realized that this episode could have lasted six, seven, or even eight hours, but instead of covering all of them, I’ll just share the 12 dumbest mistakes I made my first year as an entrepreneur.

#1: I Almost Quit – 0:22

#2: Trying to Become CEO Too Early – 0:49

#3 Trying to Take Advice from Too Many People – 3:16

#4: Not Knowing How to Ask for Advice – 5:22

#5: Forcing Vs. Influencing – 7:08

#6: Living the Dream Too Early – 8:21

#7 Trying to Sell Too Many Products as an Entrepreneur – 9:54

#8 Thinking I Knew it All – 14:01

#9: Partying Too Hard – 16:07

#10: Acting Like a Boss Instead of an Employee – 18:49

#11: Not Having a Schedule – 20:16

#12: Not Knowing the Value of a Business Plan – 20:59

Those were the 12 dumbest mistakes I made — there were a lot more! Comment at the bottom to let me know the biggest mistakes you’ve made, and if you haven’t already done so, be sure to subscribe.

For detailed notes and links mentioned in this video, please visit http://patrickbetdavid.com/mistakes-made-first-year-entrepreneur

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