2014 Inventor skill name, details released

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2014 Inventor skill name, details released

RuneScape has announced the name of the upcoming skill and a few details on it. The skill will be called Inventor, and Runescape players will be able to, duh, invent things. The announcement was made at RuneFest 2013.

RuneScape players will be able to upgrade their weapons using this skill. Skilling tools likewise can be upgraded, so it can be assumed there will be a good chance armor also will be able to be upgraded.

The inventor skill compliments Divination. Thus, it logically proceeds that the resource Divination gathers, energy, will be used in inventor.

Revealed weapons and concept art are level 90 weapon in all three combat types. They are compiled of various high level weapons. Armadyl battlestaff, virtus wand, drygore longsword, a bandos godsword, Dharok’s greataxe, Zaryte bow, Royal crossbow, and magic shieldbow are among the weapons that are distinguishable in the released art work.

Secret method to getting 99 hunter while playing 30 seconds a day

RuneScape players can get 77-99 hunter in two and a half to three years training hunter only 30 seconds a day. To do this, RuneScape players must play RuneScape daily and have level 64 divination and level 77 hunter.

The greater number of total levels, the faster this goal can be reached. Engagement in activities such as catching memory fragments in divination, implings, hunter dailies, lamps, and straight grinding the skill will allow the RuneScape player to reach level 99 faster.

RuneScape players need vibrant energy and normal chinchompas for this method. Expect to consume 15k vibrant energy and over 7k chinchompas yearly. Chinchompas received from this method will make the total consumed more around 5k.

Initial investment is about 1-2m coins. Profits from drops received will far outweigh the costs of the materials, with profits of over 10m yearly attainable.

Make and set up a divine box trap using 45 vibrant energy and 20 chinchompas. Set up in an open location to receive more drops. If you have under 1500 total levels, you may need to set it in a secluded spot to get the most XP from it without maxing out as daily allowance is based on total levels.